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Being a caregiver can often feel like a solitary and trying experience. The Chippewa Valley Family Caregiving Alliance (CVFCA) wants you to know you are not alone. There are 43.5 million caregivers throughout the United States. Many of you are facing health risks due to the physical strain, increased emotional stress, and financial hardships that often come with being a caregiver. According to research conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, 31% of caregivers need/want more help, 91% suffered some level of depression, 63% report that their eating habits have deteriorated, and 58% did not get enough exercise due to caregiving commitments.

Find the tools you need to take better care of yourself. Create a better balance between your family life, career, and elder care responsibilities with:

Valuable links to elder care topics, caregiving resources, and general healthcare information.

Attend upcoming educational events, as well as our Annual Caregiver Town Hall Meeting.

We hope by putting the right support systems in place for you to routinely access, you will find caregiving to be very rewarding!

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